Yes, we are organizing the transport for the passengers from the airport, bus or the  rail stations to the apartment. Transfer is made by car or the van witch can be organized if there is a more then 5 passengers, in witch case please contact us to verify the possibility of transport by van

If you are interested in sightseeing of Belgrade please indicate that fact in your application and we will send you our offer

If you do not have time to surf and analize the offers of the website (best belgrade apartments) you can leave your details and requirements in the lower right corner of the first page and we will make the analysis and send you the offers within the  24 h.

If you choose one of our apartments you will need to fill in the resevation form in the lower right corner of the apartment page.

Or contact us by phone or via Skype (you can find the contact information in the contact tab).

When we receive your reservation we will check if the apartment is available and you will be notified within next 24 h, either of the confirmation of your reservation, or if the apartment is not available you will receive the new offer.

The booking confirmation consists of full name of the host, phone number and the address of the apartment, and the total amount for the payment.

You will enter the apartment after 14 h, and you will need to leave the final day before 12h.

Entering the apartment you will arrange with your host or whit us, via e-mail or by phone, it is recommended to do that the day before you arrive.

Yes if the apartment is available but you need to contact us the day before to inquire about that

You will be greeted at the apartment, where you will be given the keys, and you will make the payment.

The owner will meet you at the arranged time and checked if any damage was made and you will give the keys back

Payment shall be made upon the arrival, exclusively in cash. It is not possible to pay by credit card or personal check

You will receive the bill,please let us know if you are coming in town for business

After the entering the apartment you are responsible for it, for the things in it and for the behavior of you and your guests.

We have not had that problem but you have to consider that all the apartments are located in the buildings and accordingly you should behave, otherwise some of the tenants could call the police, and they can then write you a fine of 10,000 din, or about 100 euro. In some situations the police have the power to bring you to the station.

In this case, contact the host

The majority of apartments do not have additional cost but you can check on website

In most apartments the arrival of guests is allowed

You are obliged to pay the owner

You are obliged to pay the owner for changing the locks

In some apartments, host will fill up your refrigerator, but majority of them are empty. If you want the refrigerator to be full, you need to make the request in the reservation.

In the majority of apartments smoking is allowed. You can check that on the website, where you can find the icon that indicates whether it is permitted or prohibited to smoke.

All our apartments are checked and as such displayed on our website, because of that we have not had demands for change. But in case of any specific reasons we can consider it.

There are many exchange offices and banks where you can do that, we recommend exchange offices because they usually have a better exchange rate

You can do that but no later than 7 days upon the scheduled arrival

Please notify your host so he can greet you on time

Payment can be made in euros or dinars

No, payment must be made upon entering the apartment

Your booking is valid only after you receive e-mail confirmation

In most cases the money is not returned but there is always a possibility whitch depends of the owner

Yes, it is possible to pay in advance, you just need to notify us and we will send our account information