About Belgrade

Belgrade mapAt the confluence of the Sava and the Danube river is the place
where is Belgrade
.Largest city and the capital of Serbia with a population around 1.8 million inhabitants is located in the southeast of Europe.

Belgrade is also one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating from prehistoric Vinca (6th millennium BC). Celts in III century BC founded Belgrade which later became a Roman settlement called Singidunum, in Slaven languIinge-white city. First appearing in the documents dating back 878s. The Slavs settled Belgrade in the fifth century, and before that he was conquered by the Ostrogoths, Huns and Avars, the Serbs would have finally won it in the twelfth century. Belgrade was conquered and destroyed more than 100 times. The Ottoman Empire conquered Belgrade in 1521 under which it was occupied until the nineteenth century. After gaining full independence of Serbia 1878s Belgrade becomes the central city in the Balkans and he start rapidly evolving.

Today, modern Belgrade is divided whit the Sava River on the old and new part of the city.Belgarde has 17 municipalities, including New Belgrade which is the largest whit its 500,000 citizens. Belgrade is also the cultural capital of the Balkans with a large number of cultural events such as BEMUS Belgrade (Belgrade Music Festival), BITEF Belgrade (Belgrade International Theatre Festival), BELEF Belgrade (Belgrade Summer Festival), FEST Belgrade (International Film Festival), Beerfest Belgrade (Belgrade Beer Festival) and the Belgrade book Fair. Belgrade also has a large number of museums such as the Ethnographic Museum, Military Museum, Museum of Yugoslav Aviation Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Nikola Tesla, the Museum of Vuk Karadzic, Museum of Dositej Obradovic and the Museum of African Art. Belgrade also gave a Nobel Prize winner. Ivo Andric has written his best work here, "Bridge on the Drina", for which he received the Nobel Prize.

Whit one thing Belgrade is standing out,that is the nightlife that he is offering. A large number of Belgrade clubs, Belgrade discos, Belgrade cafes, Belgrade bars and Belgrade restaurants opened until late at night are guarantee for having a good time in our city.